NRA's Wayne LaPierre

Just Sayin’…

H/t: The Platzner Post

Memo:  With full knowledge that FaceBook has a way of exaggerating claims, I researched this and found that the term “mental condition” was indeed a slight exaggeration.  Here’s what I found.

6 thoughts on “Just Sayin’…

    1. Ted, mainly because of the influence and fear LaPierre uses against members of both houses if they go against the NRA “grain”. It’s more powerful than I imagined. I will concede that his power may be waning, especially if after the debate the majority of the Senate votes”yes” on the Manchin, et al bill.


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    As we who lived through those times know, they were very difficult and people made a lot of strange choices. But I will assume that Mr. LaPierre was NOT protesting the war with his requested deferrment.


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    Weren’t we just talking about requiring 3-digit IQ #’s? How is this acceptable to anyone in Congress representing our country? Why is this okay? I’ve never seen Double Standard taken to such a high degree. It’s embarrassing. Has he no conscience? Nor those who follow his beliefs? When does the outrage really begin?


    1. When does the outrage really begin?
      Jan, when American citizens of every stripe and political affiliation lose their myopic view2 of politics and wake up and say “ENOUGH!”


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