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Harry Reid Eviscerates John Boehner, ‘Nobody knows what he’s talking about.’

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I totally to agree with the Senate Majority Leader…


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is fed up with Speaker of the House John Boehner. Reid let loose in an interview, and claimed that nobody knows what Boehner is talking about.

In an interview with Fusion, Sen. Reid didn’t pull any punches when talking about Boehner and immigration reform. Reid said, “I’m stunned. How could anybody in good conscience tell one group he’s trying to do immigration reform, and a few minutes later, say ‘I’m not going to do anything about a conference?’… I mean, this House of Representatives might just as well not exist. They don’t do anything. And then to do this intellectual yoga drill where nobody knows what he’s talking about is like some of the yoga moves I’ve tried and can’t do.”

The Senate Majority Leader was talking about immigration, but what he described fits Speaker Boehner on every issue. Boehner says the economy and jobs are his top priority, but he refuses to pass any jobs bills. No matter what the news is on the ACA, Boehner repeats his same talking points that the law is a failure and must be done away with.

Harry Reid flat out said that Boehner and the House Republicans were worthless. Reid is frustrated because Boehner has consistently went back on his word, refused to act, and punted every single crisis that his caucus has created over to the Senate to solve.

It isn’t just that House Republicans don’t do anything. It is also the fact that when challenged on not doing anything, Boehner and company respond with a bunch of incoherent gibberish that makes no sense.

The House might as well not exist. Besides trying to destroy Obamacare more times than Pinky and the Brain tried to take over the world (with the same rate of success), what have they done?

The answer is nothing. Harry Reid is sounding like he is sick of it, and that he is more than ready for a functioning House of Representatives that he can work with in the future. More than anyone else in America, Harry Reid might be wishing for Nancy Pelosi to take back the gavel in 2014.


5 thoughts on “Harry Reid Eviscerates John Boehner, ‘Nobody knows what he’s talking about.’

  1. The name of the Speaker of the House is very close to the description of something useful. Perhahps that explains why his goal seems to be to screw all of America…
    Just thinkin’…


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