George Zimmerman

eBay removes anti-Zimmerman artwork the same day Zimmerman’s painting sells for $100k


Is this yet another commentary on our divided nation

The Raw Story

Over the weekend, online auction-house ebay removed an anti-racist painting critical of George Zimmerman on the same day it allowed Zimmerman to sell one of his own paintings for over $100,000.

On Saturday, an 18-by-24-inch oil painting by “therealgeorgez” — better known as George Zimmerman — was purchased on eBay for $100,099.99. In the question and answer section beneath the auction, Zimmerman even said that “whoever wins within the Continental United States, will receive this painting deliver by me personally.”

Zimmerman’s medium is “regular household latex paint,” which he used because “I needed to put these visions onto the blank canvas as soon as possible.” George Zimmerman currently owes his legal team over $2.5 million. 

On the same day Zimmerman’s auction closed, ebay removed the anti-racist painting that artist Michael D’Antuono had created in the days after the death of Trayvon Martin. Fifty percent of the proceeds from D’Antuono’s auction were to have gone to the Trayvon Martin Foundation, and with five days left to bid, the price for the painting had already exceeded $25,000.

Then eBay “pull[ed] the plug.” On his blog, D’Antuono wonders why “Zimmerman was allowed to capitalize on his ill-gotten notoriety, [whereas] I was denied the opportunity to raise funds to help the very foundation named in honor of Zimmerman’s victim.”

In an email from eBay that D’Antuono shared with Raw Story, eBay claims that the painting violates its strictures that “[i]tems promoting or glorifying hatred, violence, or racial or religious intolerance aren’t allowed. Items that promote organizations with these views are also prohibited.”

According to the email, “[t]he painting you listed appears to contain images or icons associated with the KKK which are not allowed to be listed on our site as they represent an organization that glorifies hate and violence.”

D’Antuono told Raw Story that he was “outraged” that eBay would mistake a criticism of a hate-group for a statement that “promot[es] or glorif[ies]” one.

D’Antuono will attempt to auction the piece off privately, and remains committed to donating half of the proceeds to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.


8 thoughts on “eBay removes anti-Zimmerman artwork the same day Zimmerman’s painting sells for $100k

  1. This is sick, but art can also serve as an essay so it would/could be protected. Nothing is going to bring Trayvon back, we need to stop Stand Your Ground.


  2. .If you look deeply enough, you might perceive that the underlying emotion fostering my comment was that anyone using the tragic death of a young man to further their financial well-being — or their status — will never be compensated by me for their lack of empathy for the deceased.

    A memorial to Trayvon’s memory and the horrible injustice to him and his family would, however, be quite acceptable — and in much better taste.


    1. To each his own, Ted…

      I don’t know what Zimmerman’s painting looks like but the painting above has a message and most Zimmerman supporters don’t accept the message:

      Young Black men have been labeled “thugs” when they wear a hoodie by a vast majority of non-Black people. False dichotomy, but that’s another post. The point of the above painting is that the original “hood wearing THUGS” were the KKK…yet when the “hooded man sees a kid in a hood he aims a gun at him.

      Ironically, back in that era (of the reign of the KKK) if a Black man had aimed a gun at a Klansman or any white person for that matter, he would be killed instantly…with no retribution to the killer.

      Let’s not forget that ONLY up until the 60’s Blacks could be killed by Whites WITH IMPUNITY in most southern states and some outlying states.

      And folks wonder why some Blacks have the proverbial “chip on their shoulder”. Not everyone is the happy, shufflin’ and singin’ Black that the Duck Dynasty guy portrays. Not by a long shot.


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